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Project Description
One-click application that can turn many files (or a directory tree of files) into a large deep-zoomable image for exploration. PowerPoint, PDF, image files, etc., are supported, as are some specialized web page formats.

The code in this project can build a stand-alone application that you run locally on your computer or a web site. The DeepTalk Web Site contains a running version of this project I do my best to keep up to date. Feel free to submit conferences for rendering there.

Project Origin
In the field of particle physics there are a number of large conferences which are yearly updates of the status of the field. One way to review the talks is download the PDF's and PPT's one by one and and read them. All of the talks are not always interesting, and flipping through them one-by-one is a bit of a pain. When showing this stuff off to my wife, another physisist, pointed out the DeepZoom technology released with sliverlight might be a solution.

Internal Workflow

The code in this project attempts to download the PDF's, PS's, PPTs, etc., from a conference, render them to jpeg's, and run the DeepZoom Composer backend to build a DeepZoom image.

Release Schedule

DeepTalk Web 1.0

This is a 1.0 release of the DeepTalk Website web site and backend.

DeepTalks 1.0 B2

Beta 2 is now released and contains mostly a move to the new interface to generate these DeepZoom images (DeepZoomTools.dll). The next step is a crude website to automate this work in a single server. That is under active development now.

Code Useful To Others

The code that accesses the Agenda server for the HEP field is pretty specific. However, the code that layous out the images for input to the DeepZoom composer tool and then renders them is probably reusable. See the "Visual HierarchyClasses" namespace in the DTBuilderLib library, along with the DeepZoomBuilder object in the same library. See the test project t_DTBuilderLib and any test starting with "Visual" for examples of how it is used, or the LayoutBuilder class for how a conference is turned into a visual hierarchy (which can then be rendered). If these classes were found to be generally useful they could be extracted from this project.

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