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You can use DeepTalk to render any conference or meeting that is not password protected on an indico agenda server. You point the utility at the agenda, wait a few hours, and it will produce all the required files to be served locally from your disk, any web server (Windows, Linux, Apple, whatever) or to be uploaded to Silverlight Streaming, a free (<10 GB) high bandwidth service. Note that a large conference (like Pheno2008) can be big -- 5 GB after rendering!

DeepTalk depends on DeepZoom, a technology from Microsoft and packaged in their Silverlight Web plug in (which is compatible with both Windows and Apple and, apparently, coming for Linux). The combination of these and free tools to build the DeepZoom image means that it was pretty simple to write this program. Other than the Q&#&E&W@ versions of PDF out there... :-)


Usage is fairly simple.
  1. From the start menu run DeepTalk Creator.
  2. Browse to the agenda you wish to render on the web. Copy the URL over to the Meeting URL box.
    1. It is only important that the URL contain the ConfID parameter and also the web site. So you don't have to worry about what format the conference is listed in.
  3. Click either Render Locally or Render to SLS.
    1. Render Locally will only render the DeepZoom image to your local disk. Usually that is located in the My Documents\My DeepTalks directory. You can change that by looking at the settings.
    2. Render to Silverlight Streaming first render locally and then upload to the SLS service. You will need your SLS ID and key in order to use this.
  4. Get Coffee. Have beer. Sleep. This can take hours. Even a whole day for a large conference.
    1. Shrink the DeepTalk Creator and the SparseImageTool window to the task bar and continue to get work done.
    2. If you are on a portable it is fine to sleep the portable once all the network downloads have completed. This happens at the very beginning - look at the status message to determine that that step is finished.
  5. View the results
    1. In the local directory with the results you'll find a file called ViewConference.html. Double click - you should be able to see the talk.
    2. If you have uploaded to SLS, then you can upload the file ViewConference.html to a web server and that will bring down the talk from SLS. You can also extract the code and imbed it in an IFRAME if you want, etc.
    3. To serve everything on your own web site just copy the complete rendered talk directory up to the web server, and then browse to ViewConference.html. Make sure that if you are serving from Windows that you set the MIME type for the binary .XAP file!

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imagegrapher Feb 3, 2012 at 11:48 AM 
I really liked it. I use for online deep zoom but this looks like supports more formats.