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While you don't have to install the following software in any particular order, it does need to be on the machine when you run DeepTalk Creator:
  • PowerPoint 2007: Along with the PDF converters. Earlier versions of PPT won't do. DeepTalk uses this version of PowerPoint to convert the PPT to a PDF file. The current version, unfortunately, will take a PPT file over a PDF file when downloading even if you don't have the proper version of PowerPoint installed. This means that if you don't have PowerPoint 2007 installed then you will not have any talks with PPT rendered. Sorry! This will be made to work better in a future version.
  • GhostScript: GS is used to convert PDF's and postscript files to jpeg images. Without this nothing will work. The 1.0 release was tested with version 8.61.
  • DeepZoom Composer: This is the GUI tool that is distributed for free from Microsoft that takes individual pictures and renders them to a DeepZoom image. DeepTalk does not use the GUI, but it does use the backend to create the DeepZoom image. Without this nothing will work. Please only install this in its default location - DeepTalk is not very smart about trying to find where this is located - it won't even ask you if it fails (the other two programs don't matter). This is on the list of things to fix. This code was tested with the "June 2008 Technology Preview" version ( This tool isn't even beta yet. There is a very high probability that updates to it will break this tool. I will, of course, do my best to update DeepTalk as soon as that happens.


Actually, this is easy. Just run the MSI and you are done.

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